Imagine for a few moments not needing to rely on your eyes. Eating and drinking, meeting people and socialising using every sense but sight? Events in the Dark create events designed to give such experiences.

These highly immersive and sensory experiences are designed to encourage us to explore ourselves and the world around us in a completely different and surprising way, as we face the challenge of momentarily renouncing our dominant sense.

Our Corporate Dining in the Dark experiences offers powerful and memorable alternatives for corporate parties and special occasions.

Our Team-Building in the Dark experiences create a fun environment, one in which good communication, trust and team spirit is essential and where a clear team vision is necessary to penetrate the dark!

Our Charity Dinners in the Dark experiences offers a great fund raising opportunity by enabling charities to host memorable fundraising dinners in the dark.

Our Sensorise – Socialising in the Dark experience is a unique approach to socialising. Sight is our dominant sense and vision takes up around 50% of our brains resource – so what happens to our judgement and connection with people when that is removed? Join us as we plunge you into complete darkness for a social experience with other individuals all looking for a unique night out.

Our Sensorise – Dating in the Dark experience is a great way to meet other single people in London. You will be liberated from instant judgements based on clothes, hair colour or style. Come and open yourself up to a whole new experience of meeting and connecting with potential dates in a fun and exciting way!

Please contact us to discuss the perfect event for you.