Sensorise – Socialising in the dark

Sensorise – Socialising in the Dark Experience

Join us as we plunge you into complete darkness for a social experience with other people all looking for a unique night out.

Sensorise is our unique approach to meeting people.  Sight is our dominant sense and vision takes up around 50% of our brains resource – so what happens to our judgement and connection with people when that is removed?

How does this happen?

You are led into complete darkness by expert guardians who will assist you during the event. Once seated in the dark, you will sit in small groups and there will be rounds of surprise cocktails where you will use your senses to try and identify what you are drinking. Each round of cocktails will be accompanied by a fun interactive activity to assist with conversation and connection- so there is no need to feel shy.  After each cocktail you will be rotated round the room with the help of your guardian to meet new people and receive your next surprise cocktail.

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We have had 2 amazing sold out events one in July 2015 and one in September 2015.

We are going to be putting some dates in the diary for upcoming events so please registered your interest below if you want to be notified before everyone else.

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